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Reliable Dryer Vent

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Why should I clean my dryer?

For your family's protection

According to the National Fire Protection Agency, an estimated 15,000 house fires occur each year due to dirty dryer vents. By getting yours cleaned at least once a year you can have peace of mind in knowing that you and your family are safe.

your dryer will last longer

The leading cause of dryer inefficiency and mechanical breakdown is due to a dirty or blocked vent. This leads to longer drying time, excessive wear and a shorter lifespan for your dryer. Most appliance manufacturers recommend regularly cleaning your dryer vent.

it will save you money

Having your dryer and vent cleaned regularly will help you save money in two ways. You'll be able to extend the life of your current dryer rather than buy a new one and it will run more efficiently and reduce energy costs.



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Our unique process, performed by qualified technicians rids your dryer and venting system of accumulated lint and other foreign objects. Our process is absolutely mess free and in most cases can be performed in under one hour.


Our Services


dryer vent cleaning

Our unique process rids your vent of accumulated lint and other foreign objects by sending a specialized rotating brush through the entire vent from the dryer connection to the termination outside. Once the vent is thoroughly cleaned, we clean and inspect the lint screen, clean the lint trap using specialized brushes and where possible clean inside the cabinet. In most cases, work is completed in under an hour. We guarantee professional service with absolutely no mess.


clearing blockages

Your dryer vent can become blocked for a number of different reasons. Birds frequently build their nests in dryer vents, lack of regular cleaning allows lint to continue to accumulate which can eventually block the vent. In some cases, the wrong termination cover is installed which will restrict air flow and cause a lint blockage.


dryer vent installation

When it is necessary to install new venting for your dryer either in new construction or because the original vent has deteriorated or was not installed properly, we are fully equipped to properly install dryer venting to meet the requirements of the manufacturer’s specifications, the Ontario Building Code and the International Residential Code. We use only the highest quality rigid venting which meets or exceeds IRC requirements.

additional services

Sometimes it is necessary to install an external lint trap, a booster fan or provide another service for your dryer vent. We will assess your individual situation, make a recommendation for you and upon your approval install the solution prescribed for your unique circumstance.


I had my dryer vent cleaned and was very happy with the results. Marc left the work area spotless and was finished in good time. I look forward to having this company back every year!
— Robin, North Toronto
Marc came to the condominium suite and gave a very reasonable price after he evaluated the relocation job I needed. He worked in tight quarters, moving numerous vents and relocating a central fan unit to exactly where I needed it to go. He stood by his quoted price and did an excellent job.
— Clawsie Contracting
We needed to have a dryer vent moved in order to conform with a new code from Enbridge. Marc was incredibly accommodating and trouble shot every angle. He battled wasp nests and cramped corners. Very helpful! We will be customers for life.
— Mani and Lily, Oshawa


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