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Additional Services

Additional Services


From increasing the air flow of your dryer to protecting against unwanted pests, we have you covered.


Lint Boxes

A lint box is an external lint trap which traps some of the lint that would otherwise end up in the dryer vent. It is installed where the homeowner can access it to periodically clean the screen.


Booster fans

A booster fan adds more air flow in the dryer vent which helps exhaust the moisture and lint to the end of a long venting system. It is installed “downstream” from the dryer usually in the ceiling or in the attic. There are many types of booster fans. We will recommend the best solution for your situation.


Vent Covers

Over time the vent cover outside will deteriorate or be damaged by birds or other animals.In either case it will need to be replaced. Whether your dryer vents out the wall of your home, out through the roof, or into the soffit, we have the right cover for you.


Pest Barricade

We don’t normally recommend installing any type of screening on dryer vents as the screening can catch the lint and cause a blockage in the vent. There are times that without protection, birds will build their nest in the vent which will also cause a blockage. In these circumstances we install a pest barricade that will stop birds and can be cleaned periodically.

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